Content Site Owners:
It can happen to you, even if you are ONLY suspected...

"Words which strike fear into the heart of every AdSense publisher. Yet you are only one malicious competitor, well-intentioned-friend, or vengeful ex away from Google removing you from their paychecks... forever."

It can happen much more easily than you think.

Did You Know Google Can Freeze Your Account If You're Just Suspected of Click Attacks?

Google AdSense pays you for every ad click on your web site, right? Whether or not that click actually turns into a sale.

You usually get paid around 10 cents per click, but clicks in some niches can go as high as $20 per click!

Unfortunately, some people abuse the system. They click on their own ads and steal money. When Google catches one of these click fraudsters, they cancel the account immediately.

To Google You Are Considered Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The problem: Others can repeatedly click on your own ads, making Google think you're trying to cheat the system!

  • Scenario #1: You tell your family all about your content sites and how much money they make per day. They check out your URLs and, not knowing how AdSense works, click on ads 20 to 25 times just to "help you out."

    Google sees a bunch of clicks coming from the same IP address and bans your account for life.

  • Scenario #2: Your competition doesn't like your web site. They pay a few people to click on ads all day, generating thousands of dollars in fraudulent clicks, causing Google to terminate your account without question.

True Story: "Ex Girlfriend Takes Revenge via AdSense Click Fraud"

Out of frustration, she clicks on his ads thousands of times per day.

AdSense bans him from the program for life.

$50/day automatic AdSense income lost for good. That's $18,000 per year the guy was bringing in with no work!

(November 2004, Webmaster World)

Will You Be the Next Victim?

Let's hope not!

It can happen to you. It's not just something that happens to others, and if/when it happens, most publishers are never re-instated.

That's why I made this PHP script for you, that you can install on your site, that will hide your AdSense ads and show your OTHER ads for 24 hours to keep people from clicking too often.

  • Hides your AdSense ads for 24 hours to prevent click fraud
  • Shows some other alternate ad chosen by you containing whatever you want:
    • Yahoo! ads
    • Clickbank ads
    • Commission Junction / eBay / Amazon
  • Goes on all your pages easily by editing one file
  • Doesn't break AdSense terms of service
  • Uses PHP and Apache. Minimal knowledge of htaccess required.
  • Free download! Opt-in below.

Even big earners could have their accounts frozen for weeks while an investigation takes place with no guarantee of having their accounts re-activated or getting the funds that were already in there but now have been forfeited.

Why risk it when the solution is so simple, and better yet, Free?

Limited Time: Get a Download Link for Free

I may charge for this PHP script in the future, but for now you can protect your site from click attacks totally free and be notified of all updates.

Your name will go into my personal list of contacts, totally safe.

I will send you details on other scripts and programs written by myself that may be of interest to you.


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